PhD Student in Fibre based products at VTT Technical Research Center

VTT is launching second international graduate school in 2011 to attract new, PhD students. We are looking for 15 new PhD students (incl. one Post Doc Researcher) that are expected to contribute to development of our prominent technological competences.

PhD students and Post Doc Researcher participate in high level research work at VTT on selected strategically relevant topics within a collaborative project environment. PhD work is done for four consecutive years under professional scientific supervision by highly experienced and competent senior researchers with PhD degrees. The PhD thesis should be finalized within the four-year period and fulfill high level scientific standards. The employment of Post Doc Researchers is for two years. The open positions are related to applied materials, services and the built environment, industrial systems and management, bio and chemical processes, energy, information and communication technologies, microtechnologies and electronics.

PhD Student – Fibre based products
In order to reduce the dependency of modern society on fossil energy and oil-based materials more efficient exploitation of non-food, non-wood and forest based raw materials is needed. With the increasing global need for fibre raw material, the biorefinery based processes, i.e. simultaneous production of fibres, chemicals and energy look very attractive. The efficient utilisation of fibre raw material requires a more wider understanding on the available primary and secondary fibre raw materials, their processing and potential in fibre based product.

The research of the PhD student will concentrate in the utilization of fibrous biomass, especially biorefinery-based residues as fibre raw material and its conversion into new fibrous structures and packaging materials by using conventional and emerging technologies. The research mainly will take place in laboratory scale, but may also involve pilot scale trials. The research will be related to the whole conversion chain from fibre raw material into products and focus in the conversion of the fibre material into fibre based products. Depending on the raw material the most suitable processing methods and end use applications varies. Therefore a multidisciplinary orientation appreciated.

The position requires understanding in the chemistry and structure of natural fibres, their processing into fibre-based structures, such as composites and paper board. Suitable background surface chemistry, polymer chemistry, pulp and paper technology.

Success in this position requires a background in one or several of the following fields: process technology, biomaterials, wood chemistry, structure and chemistry of natural fibres, fibre and paper products and their production.

Further expectations:

  • a solid academic background with an MSc in relevant fields
  • scientific ambition, motivation and strong interest in cutting-edge research
  • team working skills in an international working environment
  • inventiveness and initiative personality
  • good analytical and problem solving skills
  • excellent English language skills

We offer
For PhD Students :

  • an opportunity to contribute to the strategic capabilities of a world-class research organization
  • outstanding PhD supervision by top research scientists of your field
  • excellent prospects for personal development
  • an innovative work community for aspiring researchers
  • a work contract for 1 + 3 years
  • assistance with housing and other relocation issues

Knowledge centre/Service area
Fibre processes

Location : Jyväskylä

More information about the position
For further information, please contact Dr. Elias Retulainen, Chief Research Scientist,, tel. +358 20 722 2527

For conditions of employment (incl. relocation service issues) , please contact Merja Grönberg, or Marja-Liisa

Sending your application
Please fill in your application at Official Website.

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Application deadline : March, 20th 2011


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