Phd Scholarship Position at Department of Electrical Energy, Systems and Automation

Development of a multipurpose micromagnetic and micromechanical simulation platform

A PhD position is available to join the research team that develops the multipurpose magnetic software platform “MuMax”. In a collaboration between the DyNaMat and EELAB groups at UGent, we are currently developing this high-performance simulation package that allows to simulate, on the one hand, the energy efficiency of electrical steels as used in electromagnetic devices, and, the read and write processes on e.g. hard disks on the other hand. In all applications, the complex magnetic processes can be determined by carefully combining Maxwell equations with micromechanic and micromagnetic equations. The software resulting algorithms will be implemented on the most modern and time efficient GPU hardware available (GPU: Graphical Processing Units). Due to its immense computational power compared to standard CPU computations, the software will open a complete range of new research opportunities to understand the rich physics of magnetic materials that can be exploited in various engineering applications.

In practice this PhD work will focus in the first place on the development of numerical algorithms to solve large systems of coupled equations in magnetism. Depending on the candidates’ interest, the focus can be on the efficient GPU-implementation of the developed algorithms or on the engineering applications.


We are currently looking for a new PhD student with a masters degree in either electromechanical, electrical or physical engineering or a masters degree in physics. The research topic is the development of algorithms that efficiently solve complex coupled equations in a magnetic context. An interest in programming numerical code is required.

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Application Deadline : 1 October 2011

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