PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Physics, Computational Biology, Lund University, Sweden

PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Physics, Computational BiologyLUND UNIVERSITY The student will work in the area of dynamical modelling of biological networks, in particular in relation to network evolution. Primary biological topics to be addressed are the evolutionary origins and design principles of circadian clocks, but the computational tools and programs to be developed may also be applied to stem cell regulation and other biological systems. There will also be opportunity to do detailed, data-driven modelling of circadian clocks in plants.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements
The position is open to students of all nationalities who, at the time of starting the scholarship, have completed courses equivalent to at least 240 credits, of which 60 must be at advanced (MSc) level in physics, bioinformatics or computational biology, or who in other ways obtained the equivalent qualifications. In case of uncertainty concerning the applicant`s eligibility, it is advisable to contact the department for clarification. The discipline curriculum for postgraduate studies in Theoretical Physics – Computational Biology is found at Click here.
. For more information on the department and our PhD programme, see also official website. and official website.

Basis of Assessment
Regulations concerning appointment as a full PhD student can be found in HF 5 Chap 1-7§§ and SFS 1998:80. Also consult the admission regulations found at official website. An educational stipend is awarded for the first 12 months of full-time study, following which time the student is appointed as a full doctoral student. Regulations concerning educational stipends for doctoral students can be found in SFS 1995:938 and 1998:81. Regulations concerning appointment as a full PhD student can be found in HF 5 Chap 1-7§§ and SFS 1998:80. Those who hold an educational stipend or a doctoral student appointment must first be accepted for postgraduate study. To be accepted, a student must be judged to have the competence necessary to complete a course of postgraduate study. In addition to pursuing postgraduate studies, the doctoral student may also be required to perform other duties – including research, teaching and administration – according to the specific regulations.

Additional Information
The application should include a curriculum vitae as well as a short letter explaining the candidate`s research interests. The application should also include the names, positions, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of at least two persons who have agreed to serve as references for the applicant. Note that reference letters should not be sent to us in connection with the application; we will contact the reference persons when required.

Last Day of Applying : 14 February 2011

For further information please contact:

Carl Troein, Assistant Professor

Carsten Petersen, Professor
Visit official website.


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