Master Scholarships, Color in Informatics and Media Technology (CIMET), Erasmus Mundus, Europe

The CIMET Consortium, composed of four European Universities renowned within the color research community, offers a two-year Master Course Color in Informatics and Media Technology .

CIMET offers three areas of specialization: Color Imaging Science, Spectral Color Science and Media Technology. These fields, being emergent, rapidly evolving, and of growing impact on the Information Society Technologies, require specialists and specialized competencies.

The CIMET curriculum is intended for top level graduates in physics, optics, imaging science, computer science, mathematics, or any discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color, with a fluent knowledge in spoken and written English. Courses are structured according to the ECTS with 120 credits acquired over four semesters of full-time study.

Students and scholars’ applications will be performed online via the CIMET Application Sever or directly on

The server is open early autumn each year. All the information sent by students will be accessible to the administrative coordinator as well as the academic coordinators of each university. Documents required for your application must be uploaded on the server. Selected candidates will be required to send the full paper application by post or express mail for verification.

The following documents will be required of each applicant to be uploaded on the server:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae (written in English) stating the main personal information (birth name, birth date, citizenship, address, …) the studies since high school (degrees, institutions, grades) as well as any professional experience and any other relevant information.
  2. A personal motivation statement, written in English, describing the reasons for application to the Master CIMET. The statement must also indicate your preference among the two universities proposed for the first and second semester, as well as your preference among the two universities proposed for the third semester (i.e. for the first and second specialization).
  3. Copies of transcripts or other academic records that give proof on the undergraduate and first graduate studies, including credits and grades achieved in each single subject. Documents from outside the consortium countries must be either in English or in original language accompanied by a certified English translation. Depending on the home countries, applicants may be asked to provide Certificates of Authenticity issued by recognized diplomatic or administrative authorities. (only for students’applications)
  4. Two letters of recommendation (written in English). If it is not common practice in your country to be able to open the recommendation letters, either ask your referees to send them directly to and if not possible, do give us the details of your referees whilst we are waiting for the letters by post. (only for students’applications)
  5. A certificate of language proficiency in English or a letter from your University as explained above. (only for students’applications)
  6. Research project and publications, if they are mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae. (especially for Scholars’ application)
  7. A copy of your valid passport (validity should be extended to at least six months after the end of the two-year Master programme)
  8. An extract of your birth certificate translated in English (if not, in one of the language of the consortium). (only for students’applications)
  9. A list of publications (especially for Scholars’ application)

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for non ec_erasmus_mundus_new-EU Students (Category A)
For 2011-2013 Course, the CIMET Master will have about 8 or 9 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for non-EU students (called category A students).

Top 10 students in the selection receive a scholarship of 24 000€ per year. Applications to Erasmus Mundus scholarship is managed through the classical student’s CIMET application procedure.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for EU Students and non European students* (Category B)
From 2010 on, In the framework of Erasmus Mundus, new scholarships called category B are available. These scholarships are devoted to European students and third country students* having stayed in EU countries for more than 12 months prior to their application.

For the academic year 2011/2013 CIMET Master Course offers 6 or 7 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for category B students. Selected students will receive a scholarship of 10 000€ per year. Again, applications to Erasmus Mundus scholarship is managed through the classical student’s CIMET application procedure.

Please note that Category A scholarships should be considered as “full scholarships” covering all necessary costs of the student during his/her study period in Europe while Category B scholarships have to be considered as a “financial contribution” to the student’s costs.



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