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UTS: Business Exchange Scholarship

University of Technology, Sydney
area/ Division: BUS.Faculty of Business


UTS: Business recognises the importance of international exchange in a student’s academic life. The Faculty is committed in supporting students who wish to go on exchange in order to gain an international perspective on global business methods and practices.

UTS: Business may offer up to ten (10) Outbound Exchange Scholarships per semester, to qualified students enrolled in a Business degree. Each scholarship is tenable for one semester, to the value of $500.00 each. It cannot be deferred or transferred to another semester.


>Students who are enrolled in a Business undergraduate or postgraduate degree approved to go on exchange by UTS: Business and UTS: International;

>Students must be enrolled at UTS for a minimum of 24 credit points for credit transfer from the host institution to UTS.

>Students attending an exchange program for a full year may only apply for an exchange scholarship once;

>Students must not be in receipt of any other scholarship, cadetship or bursary. This excludes the Global Exchange Scholarship offered by UTS: International, which students may receive simultaneously.

>Students must be able to speak and present upon their return about their experience overseas when required by UTS: Business and/or UTS: International.

Selection criteria

1. Top ranked students with a minimum WAM of 65 from among the Faculty scholarship applicants;
2. Personal statement addressing the following (800 – 1,000 words):
* Benefits of overseas study to your overall Business degree;
* In what ways can you be an ambassador for UTS: Business while studying and living overseas;
* Activities where you have assisted international students or made contribution to UTS: Business
3. A one-page resume.


From $500.00 to $500.00


Each scholarship is tenable for one semester, to the value of $500.00 each. Link to the application form

Number per year


Other information

Outbound exchange commencing in Autumn – Submit by first day of Autumn Semester
Outbound exchange commencing in Spring – Submit by first day of Spring Semester


Name: Erick Opena
Phone: 61 2 9514 2256

Postal Address:
Erick Opena, UTS Business, Teaching & Learning Centre
P.O Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007


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