Scholarships for the Public International Law and Human Rights Programme (LL.M), Latvia

Scholarships are available to students from Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and South Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia regions.

Each scholarship recipient will receive an amount covering tuition and fees for the LL.M study programme. An additional scholarship is allocated for travel, accommodation and incidental education expenses. Students granted a scholarship must write their master’s thesis in the field of public international law or human rights. Priority will be given to students who commit to work in any of the following areas upon completion of the programme: human rights, public law and public service. Furthermore, RGSL seeks to recruit students who have worked within an organization with which OSI has a relationship already, or students who are willing to work with such an organization upon completion of the programme. In the application, students are required to provide specific detail on their expectations work in a related field upon completion of the programme.

Applicants must:

  1. Satisfy standard RGSL entry requirements (with respect to educational background and English proficiency);
  2. Have experience in the fields of public international law or human rights for a minimum of one year;
  3. Indicate in the application: current place of employment and specify in detail the applicant’s plan to return to work in the field of public service after completing the LL.M programme.

Applicants who will receive their diploma from previous studies later than on the date of application can submit the application with a reference to the expected date of receipt of their diploma, which, however, may not be later than the date on which the study year at RGSL starts.

If the diploma or degree is obtained outside Latvia, academic recognition has to be made by the Latvian Academic Information Centre (AIC). The application is registered after review from AIC is requested and received by the RGSL. The final decision regarding the qualification for admission is taken by RGSL.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 March 2011



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