Master Scholarships in Public Health (EUROPUBHEALTH), Erasmus Mundus, Europe

The EUROPUBHEALTH Erasmus Mundus Masters course provides a high level education in the field of public health.

Its main goal is to enable the students to improve health of specific population groups and the population as a whole through :

* the designing, planning, implementation, advising and assessment of health prevention and promotion programmes.
* the management of health and social services and establishments.

It is designed to provide students with methods, analytical tools and conceptual knowledge required to understand public health issues.
It is based on the acquisition of academic knowledge and basic savoir-faire related to public health as well as all the necessary skills for the various functions that the students, as future public health professionals, will embrace at the local level, regional, national, European or international, in the public or the private sectors.

EUROPUBHEALTH : a two year masters course
EUROPUBHEALTH is a two year Erasmus Mundus Masters Course (120 ECTS)

In first year, the curriculum covers the basic issues of public health. It is offered in Spain or United Kingdom.

In second year, the student specialises in a particular subject.
Europubhealth offers 7 specialisations based on the fields of excellence of the six member universities of the consortium.

During this specialisation year, students carry out research work (dissertation) and a practical placement.

Each student selects one specialisation and attends the courses in a country that must be different from year 1 (Denmark, Poland, Spain or France).

At the end of each academic year of the Master, two integration modules bring together all Europubhealth students for international and cross disciplinary work at the end of each academic year.

* Integration module 1: “Global Dimensions of Public Health” (3 weeks in EHESP Rennes – France).
* Integration module 2 : “Interspecialisation – Public Health Project Management” (3 weeks in EHESP Rennes – France).

Depending on the university background, the specialisation chosen and the language skills of the students, they follow one training pathway among the 13 different following possibilities.

Partner Universities:

* Denmark : University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen)
* Spain : Andalusian School of Public Health – University of Granada (Granada)
* Poland : Jagiellonian University of Krakow (Krakow)
* France : University of Rennes 1 (Rennes)
* United Kingdom : University of Sheffield (Sheffield)
* France : EHESP School of Public Health (EHESP) (Rennes)
* USA : Columbia University – Mailman School of Public Health (New-York)

Admission criteria
The application procedure and selection process are the same for all candidates, regardless of whether they come from European or third countries.

Interdisciplinary by nature, Europubhealth is open to students with diverse but complementary profiles drawn from medical sciences (including doctors, nurses, pharmacists) or social science backgrounds (including, for example, sociology, economics, psychology, anthropology, geography, political sciences, law).

To be eligible, applicants must fulfil the following conditions agreed by the Consortium:

* Having at least a university Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) or certified equivalent in one of the disciplines mentioned in the access profile and being able to provide a copy of this diploma when applying on line.
* Studying full time during the two years of the Master course.
* Being proficient in the languages suitable for the mobility combinations chosen (English; English+Spanish; English+French; Spanish+English+French)
* Being able to provide a copy of language tests less than tree years old for the required languages. To know more about minimum required language level, see the “language” section in the web page describing the Master course.
* Choosing a mobility combination in countries that are different from the one where the student passed his university degree
* Submit a complete on-line application, together with all supporting documentation required (diplomas, certificates, language certificates, letters of recommendation, etc) before the deadline.

NB: applicants applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship must meet in addition the eligibility criteria as defined in the relevant Call for Proposals.

ERASMUS MUNDUS offers scholarship to students for studying abroad.

To be eligible for the grant, the students must choose a combination of pathway that allows them to spend their study period in, at least, two of the European partner countries which must be different from the country in which the scholarship holder has obtained his/her last university degree.

Application deadline for Erasmus Mundus scholarship applicants: 15 December 2010
To apply, please visit:



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