DAAD Scholarships for Postgraduate Courses for Professionals, Germany

DAAD Scholarships for Postgraduate Courses for Professionals, Germany

From among the large number of postgraduate courses offered by German institutions of higher education, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports a carefully chosen selection of programmes of particular interest to junior executives from developing countries. These degree courses, which consist of one to two years of concentrated study, provide young, academically-trained professionals in leading positions from developing countries with the opportunity to engage inpostgraduate education and training in their particular field or profession.

Application deadline: August 31, 2010

At present, postgraduate courses are offered in the following fields:
• Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics
• Development Co-operation
• Engineering and Related Sciences
• Mathematics
• Regional Planning
• Agriculture and Forest Sciences
• Environmental Sciences
• Medicine and Public Health
• Veterinary Medicine
• Social Sciences, Education and Law

The courses are open to all eligible candidates. Applications are welcomed from professionals with personal financial resources, from those who are funded by their government or company, or from those who are recipients of financial support from international sponsoring organisations. In addition, a limited number of full and partial DAAD-scholarships are available.

Target group:
The programme is designed for students from developing countries as well as for students from the EU and other developed countries who have a special interest in the economic challenges facing developing and transition countries.

Statement of motivation:
Applicants must submit a statement of motivation explaining why they are interested in attending a particular postgraduate course with reference to their current employment.

Application formalities:
If you have no private financial resources or cannot obtain a scholarship from your government, company or an international organisation, you may apply for a DAAD scholarship – either full or partial. DAAD application forms are available from the German embassies, one of the DAAD offices abroad or directly at the University or Fachhochschule.

Please note: Scholarships cannot be awarded without the official DAAD application form. Many courses, however, have their own forms, which must be submitted in addition to this (see details under course description).

Applicants are requested to state whether they will be financing the desired degree course themselves or whether the course can only be taken with the assistance of a DAAD scholarship. Chances of admission topostgraduate courses will be greatly enhanced for academically qualified applicants with personal financial resources.

New application deadlines for DAAD-scholarships:
• At the German embassies and/or at the DAAD regional offices: 31 July (Please ask about possible modifications in your home country!)
• At the DAAD section 431 in Bonn/Germany: 31 August
• At the respective universities in Germany: 15 October (normally, please check description for detailed information) The application deadlines at the respective universities may vary from course to course. Please check the relevant deadlines in this booklet.

IMPORTANT: Late applications cannot be considered!

The relevant institution of higher education decides on admission to the postgraduate course and simultaneously submits a proposal for the allocation of scholarships. The final decision on the allocation of scholarships is made by the DAAD. Please note that the selection process at allpostgraduate courses listed in this booklet will last from the end of October until February.

List of the required documents (in the stated order)
• DAAD application form
• hand-signed CV (please use the europass specimen form at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/)
• hand-signed letter of motivation (with reference to current occupation)
• research exposé (if required by university)
• academic letter/s of recommendation from your university; the letter must have a signature and office stamp and must be of recent date (not in a sealed envelope)
• professional letter/s of recommendation from your employer; the letter must have a signature and office stamp and must be of recent date (not in a sealed envelope)
• confirmation of employment from the employer in your home country and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment upon your return home
• Proof of language abilities: English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: Institutional TOEFL will not be accepted); German – if available
• certified copies of awarded academic degrees
• certified copies of academic transcripts
• certified copy of School Leaving Certificate

Download DAAD Scholarship Brochure

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German Academic Exchange Service
Ref. 431
P.O. Box 20 04 04
D-53134 Bonn
Fax: +49-(0)228-882-662
e-mail: info-ast@daad.de
Website: www.daad.de/development


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